a bum section with designer coats


a bum section with designer coats

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it’s been about seven days since I last went to 35th and 7th. That’s kind of close to Penn Station. The funny thing is, is that the other place and that is on the other side of Penn Station and this one is on the – one’s on the south side, one’s on the north side. North side – a lot of fashion, south side – a lot of street people and working people.

But what’s interesting is that there’s a group of like homeless people, drug addicts, drug dealers, New York [00:39 inaudible]. That’s an Arabic or Jewish word for thieves of the street. I know who they are, they know who I am. But they give me that smile.

So maybe it’s about 20 or 30 people – like I said, people of the night, the prostitutes or the drug dealers or the homeless – they see me all the time and they kind of know what I do so they always make the sign with their hand like they’re taking a picture. Not that I’m friends with these people but they’re very friendly toward me. I guess this is the underworld of New York City and I’m starting to capture that a lot.

It’s funny one of the greatest photographs a couple of weeks ago was this bum I know. I don’t know their names but I know them. He’s walking down the street with a Giorgio Armani full length coat. I was standing next to Mr. Seventh Avenue, he knows everything about every type of jacket, pants, shoes, shirts. He goes, “Oh, that’s an Armani.” Whatever time where he sat he goes, “That’s a $1,500 jacket.”

Anyway, it looks interesting. The guy’s totally unshaven, hair all messed up, all hung over with two different sneakers and this coat. I’ve been getting a lot of those. Sometimes now that the winter’s coming, you see a lot of bums with nice coats coz they fill in the night. One day when I edit the site we’re going to have a bum section with designer coats.

Signing off.